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The internet has become a highly imperative requisite among a large proportion of the populace. Everyone knows it is the sole place where new and intriguing content appears constantly. In the massive internet ecosystem, advertisements exhibit in front of the people who are most likely to be interested. People might think that everything functions on autopilot but behind all these obviously, the presence of human beings is indispensable. So there are people behind, who are developing content constantly and designing the websites you see online. However, the existence of technology is indeed needed in online advertising and it has taken the reins on certain parts of the web. Here introducing you to real-time bidding. This blog takes you through a detailed description of real-time bidding and introduces you to certain real-bidding platforms that are highly promising in the forthcoming year.

What is Real-time Bidding?

Real Time Bidding Process – Cubera

Programmatic advertising involves real-time bidding to showcase ads in front of the right audience. In general, it refers to the practice of bidding and buying ads in an instant auction based on impressions. This is facilitated by a supply-side platform (SSP), Demand Side Platform (DSP), and an ad exchange. An SSP is a piece of software that enables publishers to instantly and automatically sell display, mobile, and video ad impressions to interested parties. This comprises demand-side platforms, networks, and ad exchanges that provide publishers more control over their inventory and CPMs. (Cost Per Mille)

Efficient Real-time Bidding Platforms for Publishers

  • Ad Colony
    The inception of Ad Colony was back in the year 2011 developed by mobile developed specifically for mobile publishers. Since then, it is regarded as one of the largest mobile advertising and monetization platforms in the world. It is exclusively for HD video advertising and playable technologies. It works both on Android and IOS devices.
  • Ads Compass
    Ads Compass, a global ad network aim is to act as a conduit for collaboration between various sources, such as webmasters, advertisers, media buyers, and various ad networks. With its own ad exchange and self-serve platform, Ads Compass offers a very user-friendly UX.
  • Imonomy
    Imonomy, which specializes in in-image advertising, collaborates with more than 13,000 online publishers. This platform features in-line, in-screen, in-video, and header bidding capabilities, making it ideal for publishers with aesthetically appealing websites. Imonomy takes pleasure in supporting all three of the key market participants in the ad-serving process, publishers, advertisers, and users, by integrating semantic programming theory with contextual analysis technologies and Big Data analytics.
  • LiveIntent
    LiveIntent, which was established in 2009, focuses on email marketing initiatives. LiveIntent is ideal for publishers who run frequent email campaigns and have a sizable email list. However, LiveIntent is also looking at ways to help publishers monetize without relying on third-party cookies.
  • Magnite
    A well-known sell-side platform, Magnite focuses on in-app and video advertising. They provide a private marketplace and a header bidding wrapper. Ten various video ad types, such as linear, vertical, native, and out-stream, are available. They are one of the most reputable names in programmatic advertising, having worked with well-known clients including Spotify, Vox, and eBay.
  • OutBrain
    When it comes to providing publishers with content recommendations, OutBrain is a well-known leader in the sector. These suggested content bubbles display interesting articles with attention-grabbing titles and eye-catching graphics to draw users in. Outbrain and Taboola combined in 2019 to create a company that reaches more than 2.5 billion users. OutBrain typically collaborates with high-end publishers who provide their readers with top-notch material. OutBrain offers interstitial, native, in-stream, and in-article ads among other formats.
  • Smaato
    For publishers wishing to monetise through in-app publishing on the mobile web, Smaato is yet another excellent option. Smaato is a publisher-focused, multi-offering platform that provides a private market, an RTB ad exchange, and an ad server for publishers. Smaato, which works with almost 90,000 mobile app developers and publishers, provides thorough support for a variety of ad types, including banner, native, in-stream, and out-stream ads.
  • Splicky
    Splicky is a demand-side platform that serves appropriate advertising across mobile, desktop, DOOH screens, and CTV using its own Real-Time Advertising (RTA) technology. Utilizing programmatic technology, Splicky makes sure that marketers only place bids on impressions that meet their targeting criteria. Banners, interstitials, rich media, and video are just a few of the ad formats that Splicky offers. It also has a user-friendly interface, a self-serve platform, and real-time statistics. An essential component of the ecosystem for programmatic advertising is RTB real-time platforms. Digital publishers, app developers, and blog owners can participate in the RTB process and obtain the best price from the advertising inventory by utilizing the appropriate RTB platform. Ad buying is made easier, quicker, and more cost-effective with RTB platforms. Publishers may depend on the aforementioned platforms to deliver pertinent, unobtrusive ads that don’t detract from the user experience.

In sum up

Publishers should keep investing in technologies that make online advertising simple for them as long as programmatic advertising is available and grows. All publishers should take into account revenue optimization tactics, which include selecting the finest RTB platform.

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