Identity Graph

Identity Function Graph
Our deployment of deep learning techniques enables us to harness and store the data we receive. By stitching together all the relevant pieces of data from zero, first, and third-party sources we create a Unified Customer Profile with the following USPs:
  1. Cross-device attribution.
  2. Comprises of an ever-evolving Identity Graph to navigate the cookieless world.
  3. Creates a profile by stitching together zero, first and third party sources.

Audience Manager

Lookalike Audience
Our DMP allows the advertisers to collect and segregate zero, and first-party data and create a demographic that suits the needs of the same. Here’s what it excels at:
  1. Harbors richest zero, and first-party data.
  2. Helps advertisers define and create custom audiences.
  3. Helps understand the behavioral patterns of the consumers.

Data As A Service

Data Analytics Services In Bangalore
Our goal is to provide a flow to the entire process of selling, processing, and analyzing data. The commodity here i.e., data, can not only be processed upon receiving from the users, but can also be sold to third-party organizations. Here are its perks:
  1. Access to secure data.
  2. Automated refreshing at regular intervals.
  3. More resources can be allocated at any point of time.

Analytics As A Service

Data Analytics Services in Bangalore
By deploying the right set of instructions to the data that has been collected, advertisers can extract the most info out of the data they have at their disposal. Advertisers may enjoy the following perks offered by Analytics as a service:
  1. Get access to the best algorithms Cubera has to offer.
  2. Access to self declared data.
  3. Provides the highly available infographic APIs for Marketers and Marketing Research firms.

Omni Channel Advertising Cloud

Omni Channel Advertising Platform
The Omni Channel Advertising Cloud allows the advertisers to collaborate and come up with advertising campaigns that suit their needs in the best manner possible. Here’s what it is really good at:
  1. One-stop SAAS platform for advertisers to collaborate and run campaigns on multiple channels.
  2. A Hybrid DMP – DSP Platform to provide a seamless experience in importing and exporting audience.
  3. A collaborative platform to match the individualistic goals of the publisher and advertising communities for making preferred and private deals.
Cubera focuses on providing an efficient and automated marketing experience while generating value based on the core propositions it works on such as
Marketing automation company
Self-declared data
Deep learning with cross co-relation
Trust-based ecosystem
Here are a few products that Cubera offers to the market
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