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Personalizing Email Marketing With Microsite Emails – CUBERA

The number of email users has tremendously increased to 4.25 billion (Statista) people by 2022. Considering the world population of 8 billion people by 2022 ( was a phenomenal achievement. Email marketing campaigns generate the most leads and the highest return on investment for marketers across the globe. The drive to increase personalized content across all emails has become the need of the hour for reaching new customers while retaining the existing customer base. Such desperate situations call for the inclusion of creativity and practical solutions in all the emails the marketers send to their customers.  Recent studies suggest that personalizing your emails increases the conversion and opening email rate by 25% (business. com). As time progressed, advertisers resorted to finding innovative ways to create the most effective and revenue-generating campaigns with the tremendous popularity of email campaigns.

Microsites and personalized email marketing

To accomplish the purpose of effective email marketing to its core, email experts across the globe devised a contemporary and revolutionary artifact called microsites. We can now delve into understanding a microsite and how it helps personalize email marketing. Microsites can be best described as customized and dedicated mini websites or a multi-page newsletter that allows users to skim and engage deeply through each content in the email newsletter. A microsite can be best described as a minuscule website that provides concise information but will detail specific market information, products, and services or that has generic content. Advertisers mainly use microsites to target a specific audience or to attain a particular outcome. The microsite’s content should be different from the content of the brand’s main website. Microsite emails allow their prospects to finish off their marketing actions without leaving their inboxes. Customers can go through the content they prefer, which substantially aggravates email campaigns’ personalization. By using microsite emails, readers find it convenient to read and click the articles and cruise between the articles, thus increasing the click-through rate. By keeping personalization as its top priority, micro-site emails help advertisers create marketing campaigns with a higher chance of conversion.

The surge in the volume of emails is virtually bombarding our mail inboxes, adversely affecting the engagement and reader’s connection to the various brands. A recent study found that microsite emails have facilitated effective conversions by email campaigns astonishingly over the past three years. Effective marketing campaigns should focus on the needs and aspirations of their valuable customers and should incessantly strive to deliver the products and services that cater to their requirements. Brands must understand their trusted customers’ growing appetites and communicate with them effectively without being intrusive to succeed and stand the test of time. Advertisers are trying to craft microsites to reduce friction, ensuring a seamless browsing experience, display offers and purchases to their customers without leaving their inboxes, thus gradually replacing the concept of click-through rate (CTR). Personalization is the key to productive marketing campaigns, and microsite emails place baggage of opportunities for achieving the true essence of personalization.  Brands thriving in advertising have brand newsletters smartly showcasing ideas and issues relevant to the products and services. Brands should consciously incorporate data visualization, elegant images, and thoughtful product placement in their microsite emails to be more creative and remarkable. By using microsite newsletters, brands can guide customers through the customer journey and influence every decision they make with knowledge and insight.   

The best possible ways to create wonders in microsite emails

Following are some prime practices for creating highly effective, engaging email microsites for advertisers:

1.  An alternative gateway for brands, microsite emails should be designed in such a way that they are simple, crisp, visually engaging, and relevant to the content. This ensures that visitors will like your microsite email and consciously try to understand the site’s contents, thus increasing the session time.

2. Advertisers must effectively capitalize on the richest zero-party data enriched with first and second-party data to unveil what customers like and suit their needs, thus banging on the concept of personalization. Integrating carousal formats in the microsite emails will invigorate the best web experience and take the visual experience to the next level.

3. Advertisers should ensure that they should refrain from bombarding their customers’ mail inboxes with various kinds of brand emails. Advertisers should ensure that their emails are not pushy and that the email communication should be well thought off to efficiently promote customer engagement. Marketers can better understand their products and services’ latest and future market trends by adequately engaging with their valuable customers. Advertisers should ensure that their mails should be exciting to attain a wholesome web experience.

4. Advertisers should ensure that they enrich their zero-party data with first and second-party data, which, if fruitfully utilized, can make a huge difference in their marketing campaigns overnight. Gaining a deeper understanding of their customers through online and offline data through effective Omni channel advertising will help advertisers to craft high-performing personalized messages.

The factors to be considered before developing a full-fledged microsite

Advertisers must consider economic factors, as developing a microsite can be costly especially for successfully running one marketing campaign. Advertisers must also implement AI and machine learning tools to accurately analyze patterns of customer behavior in order to create relevant, trend-driven content for microsites. Advertisers must ensure that the contents of the microsite emails should be condensed, crisp, and customized without incorporating too much information, flamboyant color themes and distracting images. As microsites are not the main websites, advertisers must consider that the contents in the microsite have only what the users need, which helps seamless customer engagement. It is important that advertisers ensure users are not confused by personalized messages and actions and that they are aligned with the brand tone and voice as effectively as possible.   The future is bright for microsite emails if they are designed creatively and personalized to target a specific audience which would boost conversion exponentially.

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