The entire data fetching, processing, and evaluating process is only made possible with the tools deployed by Cubera for the consumers.

Mobile App

The Cubera mobile app is yet another powerful tool ready to assist the user on demand. It comes equipped with a plethora of features and is available on all OS. Here’s what the mobile app is good at:

The app helps configure the router.

Can control the router settings effectively.

Can collect data from the router and the mobile device.

Can control IoT devices.

Assists in deep learning and profile building of the end user.

Mobile App For Wifi Router

Cubera Routers

The Cubera series of routers offers users a plethora of features that enable them to have a smooth browsing experience. Here’s what the router lineup has to offer its users:

Smart Power: In-app indicator for power backup upto 4 hours.

Smart Wireless: Allows for setting, monitoring, speed optimization, and switching between wireless and wired.

Smart Storage: Allow and monitor shared USB storage for family members.

Smart Usage: Manages the usage of internet for children, adults, and guests in your home differently.

Smart Alerts: Get real-time internet and home-related alerts through push notifications in the app.

Smart Bandwidth: Setup and monitor, and actively manage bandwidth for different users.

Dual Band Router

Mobile App Partners

The Data Value Share principle of Cubera is attracting many mobile app partners to entrust their data to us so that we can monetize and give value to the app users through the partners. The availability of rich zero-party data shall not only empower Cubera, but the mobile app partners as well. Cubera has started onboarding partners who are sharing unique and quality data.

If you are a Mobile App Company looking for a partner who can cater to the value generation perspective through rich user data then contact us to know more.

Mobile App For Router