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Cubera is a data company revolutionizing AdTech and Big Data Analytics through data value share paradigm, where the users entrust their data to us. We have perfected the art of understanding, processing, extracting, and evaluating the data that is entrusted to us. We are a gateway for brands to increase their lead efficiency as the world moves towards Web 3.0.


Gil Amelio

Chairman Emeritus

He is a visionary leader, business executive, and the inventor of 17 patents. He has been an integral part of Bell Laboratories, Fairchild, one of the 50 Pioneers who Built Silicon Valley (as recognized by the Computer History Museum and Stanford University) and co-invented the first solid-state image sensor (12 patents). He transformed 5 businesses in 3 different industries creating ≈$10B of shareholder value, he has also authored Profit from Experience, a best selling business book.  

He was the chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor, president of Rockwell Telecommunications, president of Rockwell Semiconductor, member of the AT&T Board of Directors, advisor to 3 U.S. Presidents and numerous other government leaders, and a venture capitalist (Sienna Ventures & Beneventure Partners). 

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Daniel Bland

Co-CEO and

Daniel is an entrepreneur who has committed his career to discover and develop cutting-edge technologies that can benefit consumers worldwide. He was the CEO of Empyrean Diagnostics, Inc., a company noted for producing a low-cost, quick HIV test to save lives in low-income countries. Daniel is also the co-founder of Stop AIDS Worldwide, a non-profit organization that provides free HIV testing to people in Africa and India. 

Daniel has also served as the president and CEO of Upgrade International, Inc. Upgrade invested in technology that targeted boosting credit card storage capacity. “Storecard,” a co-investment with Finis Connor, co-founder of Seagate and Conner Peripherals, was one of the Upgrade International investments. 

Daniel is also the founder of 5BARZ International, Inc., and has been the driving force behind the company for the past ten years, guiding it through the research and development stage and now into the commercialization of a revolutionary patented technology that boosts weak mobile phone signals in homes and offices.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Samartha Nagabhushanam

Co-CEO and

Samartha enjoys building challenging products and deploying them across geographies. In a span of 3 decades, he has built several products that have reached hundreds of millions of people across the globe.  

He has overseen the engineering of telecom switches, wireline & wireless protocol stacks, 250+ models of phones (predominantly Kyocera and Sanyo). Oversaw devices sold in 10+ countries, 10+ base stations of various 3G & 4G technologies deployed across 20+ countries. He has also participated in the genesis of field analytics products for the largest retails in India, network extenders, smart Wi-Fi routers, and IoT devices & hubs deployed in various parts of the globe. 

As a CEO/President of 4 public companies, he has brought about a higher company value with his technology and business acumen. As founder/co-founder of 3 companies, he has delivered rapid growth and profitable exits. He has also managed teams of over 1500 Engineers, executives of $2 to 3 billion, and inspired high IP innovations, leading to over 100 patents from his teams. 

With close to 3 decades of leading global telecom, and data analytics companies, his vision is to blend the innovations in these industries to provide higher value to the consumer.  

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VP Hardware
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Pranava Sundar

User Experience

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